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          Hello, I am Capt. Nelson. I was born in Morehead City, North Carolina. Where the Old Hospital was literally about 600 feet from the waterfront.  Maybe that's why I have such a love for the water. 

        I am a retired Firefighter with 29 years of fire service, proudly served 27 years with the Newport News Fire Department where I retired as a Master Firefighter. I also served 2 years deployed to Iraq as a Firefighter/ Crew Chief protecting our Troops while they were protecting our freedom. 

       While on my first R & R during his 2nd year in Iraq, My wife and I drove down to Florida from Virginia to find an area and a home that suited our lifestyle. We closed on our home while I was deployed. When I returned home from the desert of Iraq 5 months later, Jennifer had packed and moved everything to South West Florida. 

        I now wish to share my love of the outdoors here in Florida with others. I can only accommodate 6 guests maximum per Coast Guard regulations.

Tours are PRIVATE,  you and your guests will be the only ones onboard.

Come aboard and relax knowing that a Captain with 8 plus years experience boating here in SW Florida with 5 plus years of them as a Charter Captain; My total of boating experience of 52 plus years goes from Virginia to South West Florida.

Take in the beauty of the many scenes we have to offer while being completely relaxed. Go shelling, swimming, tanning, sitting on the beach or just plain relaxing on a semi-private beach location

 (Only accessible by boat) 

       If you are looking for some places to dine while out on the water with the Captain, check out:

Cabbage Key, The Pink Elephant, South Beach Bar & Grill, or Barnacles. Just let the captain take you to your choice of places since each tour is catered to you!

         So sit back and enjoy the Florida life.

       With and Seasoned Captain at the helm,

                    WELCOME ABOARD...



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                           Or Capt Nelson Tours 

   About the Capt.             

Capt. Nelson

  Hello & welcome.

I look forward to meeting you and showing you what it is like in SW Florida. It's fun on land, but so much better on the water! Come onboard and lets have some Florida fun in the Sun.


Capt's Wife & First Mate


Hello and welcome to our site. I hope that you enjoy some of the pictures of our beautiful area. If you have any questions feel free to ask the Capt. or myself. There is a contact page on our site. Please use it.  We both look forward to hearing from you soon.

Jennifer was sitting on the deck of the boat with her feet in the water when she had an unexpected guest show up.

Like I said... Expect the unexpected. You never know what you will see in Florida. Remember that the feeding of Dolphins are strictly forbidden.

Bottle Nose Dolphin
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