We hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we did taking them.  These are just a few of the many photos that we have taken. 

From private beaches, island restaurants, swimming, snorkling, paddle boarding and wildlife. We have it all in South West Florida. If your on vacation or thinking of making a move to Florida, welcome aboard and let me show you places you can't access except by boat.
















our Virginia friends


So Happy we met Danny and his Family


Danny teaching his daughter how to Capt.


Out on Cayo Costa Island


Well look what we found

Sunset off Pine Island

Private spot..

Clean and Ready

Washed up and Ready for Tour Guest

headed out

Headed out to start the Day


Capt. Nelson Tours

Gasparilla  Pass

We love Florida

Lovers Key

Taking the new Wicked Dolphin Wrap out for a spin. We got a lot of feed back

Jumping for Joy

Beautiful Setting

Wraptek of Cape Coral did an amazing job on the Wicked Dolphin, Capt Nelson wrap..

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Grand Daughter Time

Lovers Key Beach

The Grand Children and our son were on the maiden voyage...

Victoria Nelson

Baby Girl can Fish

Boca Grande

Boca Lighthouse

Boca Grande

Boca is Grande

Boca Grande

Beautiful water of the Gulf..

Mimi and Grand Daughter

Some private beach time

Headed Home

Found us an Alligator

Never know what you'll see

Boca Grande

Boca Grande

Cayo Costa

Cayo Costa

Happy To Be at the BEACH

My wife loves it out here...

Ms. Dolphin

Please remember. Even though she looks as though she wants you to feed her. It is AGAINST the LAW..

Jennifer at the Helm.

No better experience than to actually do it. Jennifer getting some of that experience navigating the gulf waters.

Capt. Nelson

Even I love to get on the beach and gather some of that Florida Sunshine..


This time we were the ones getting checked out..

Capt. Nelson and a Brother FF

Capt. and his FF Brother (Tree) while deployed to Iraq.

Pelican Landing

Coming in for a post top landing..



Checking out the driftwood on the beach.

Quiet Time

Look for some shells and enjoy the quiet

Beautiful Waters

Solitude and peace

Beach and quiet

Exploring and relaxing

Family Memories

Father and Daughter enjoying the SW Florida experience

Snorkling at Boca Grande

Some much needed family time in the water

Boca Grande

Took a day to spend with friends.

Vacation Time

Another happy couple enjoying the Water and Beaches of SW Florida

Cabbage Key

View from one of the restaurant destinations requested

Bald Eagle

Spotted the USA National Bird while exploring.


This is how we get together with friends in Florida. Nothing better...

Family Swim

Guest from Germany wanted to find a private beach to swim. Mission accomplished by Capt. Nelson

Family Day

Guest from Germany enjoying the lifestyle we offer..

Cabbage Key

View from the water of Cabbage Key. You want to eat here? Capt. Nelson will get you there..

Winter Guest

The White Pelicans come here for winter. Real Snowbirds..

Boca Grand Lighthouse

On the beach you won't get this view..


I guess the dolphin was checking us out today..

Oh that's close

Sorry but it is AGAINST the law to feed the Dolphins in the wild.

German Guest

With these smiles. I'd say they enjoyed their day on the water. Another happy tour completed.

Beautiful here

you can not beat this view

cindy and Justin

Kissing on a sandbar


She catches.. She smiles


Describe your image here.

Relaxing on the way back

Headed to the dock. From their 2nd tour booking for the week.

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Beautiful here

you can not beat this view